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B&B Italia

Retailer for B&B Italia furnishings in Lecco

A leading brand in the scene of Italian Design, B&B Italia has anticipated every trend and met all topical living requirements with outstanding quality Design items since it was established in 1966.
The founder Busnelli's innovative mind skilfully transformed a handcrafting workshop into an industrial entity where technology and avant-garde solutions have merged to create genuine Design icons from the onset.

The utmost efficiency yields practical results for the client, who will receive a long-lasting high quality and high comfort product.
Every product stands apart both for the precious materials, which are carefully selected and enhanced during the entire production process, and for the manufacturing technology with a 10-year warranty for every padded item (sofas, chairs, armchairs and beds).

Fabrics are made of specially chosen, long-lasting yarn that can adapt to all environments. For its leather items, B&B Italia selects animals only from farms situated in the European Community, and all treatments maintain the natural characteristics of leather, which acquires charm and beauty in the course of time. Even wood processing underscores the material's natural beauty with high resistance and unique features.

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