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GT Design

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GT Design has specialised in the production of carpets for the past 40 years. Each product is the result of a thorough and comprehensive analysis based on specialised know-how and passion. Every carpet is the manifestation of a dream and a new research opportunity that reaches beyond every commercial need.

Carpets are both decorative furnishings and insights into unexplored land that make living a primeval experience. The tactile component is of the utmost importance with its all-embracing softness that reveals the natural features of matter.

The founder, Deanna Comellini, considers the living experience as deeply connected to her personal life. A small plot of land, like a carpet, will suffice to feel at home, a place where you can leave your fingerprint.

The brand views weaving as the fusion between the millenary handcrafting tradition and new technologies. Each phase requires detailed study and research to choose the best textile materials. Natural yarn, such as coconut, linen, viscose, bamboo, wool, hemp and silk, are the heart and soul of the company's research. Handcrafting enhances its imperfection, making each carpet a unique item with a life of its own.

Professionals skilfully redefine every space, interpreting needs with solutions that ensure very high formal and functional performance standards, offering the opportunity to customise both the size and the colour of the carpet.

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