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Retailer for Kasthall carpets in Lecco

Kasthall is a Swedish company that has specialised in the creation and production of carpets and textile flooring since 1889.

Truly global, the brand's fame rests on high quality manufacturing experience, research to find the most precious raw materials and unique design. The excellent aesthetics are accompanied by a keen choice of raw materials: only natural yarns handwoven to ensure the product's long life.

A lasting product is also sustainable. Indeed, Kasthall's core vision includes an environmentally friendly approach that involves the entire production line.

Wool is one of the most frequently used yarn types, an entirely recyclable material mainly from Europe and New Zealand. The fat naturally present in the yarn ensures intensive and extensive use of the carpet without any fears of damaging it. Moreover, wool is capable of capturing dust and dirt; therefore, the carpet will not trigger allergies.
Linen, from Normandy, is naturally picked with the utmost respect for fibre. Either used alone or combined with other fibres, it enhances the elegance and naturalness of linen items with antistatic and non-allergic features.

The brand proposes entirely customised creations studied to meet the customer's needs both in terms of taste and space.

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