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Retailer for Durame wooden furnishings in Lecco

Set up in the heart of Brianza with a great calling for wood processing, the company creates unique products that express the highest values of Italian craftsmanship.

Predominantly contemporary features characterise all items in the range. Seats, containers, tables and accessories are all enhanced by wood combined with various materials for special innovative finishes.

By partnering international designers, the brand has given free rein to creativity, designing products that stand apart for their high aesthetic and intrinsic value. Wood is modelled to bring to life the ideas of designers who create unique objects featuring an original and decidedly unconventional original style.

All products are designed for people who enjoy natural features of materials, especially when enhanced by details, highly skilled craftsmanship and the quest for beauty.
Refined and polished, Durame items will furnish your house with the warmth and elegance only conveyed by solid wood.

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