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Retailer for Extendo furnishings in Lecco

A company based in Veneto that specialises in designing and manufacturing interior furnishings entirely made in Italy, in the Province of Padua. The brand focuses on carefully sourced materials, and processing is only carried out by expert craftsmen. Indeed, wood, glass, steel and any other material are managed through a reuse and recycle approach to create Eco-friendly Design items.

Wood is one of the most used materials: solid, multi-layered or the latest HPL laminate. The latter is produced by pressing several sheets that are glued together with heat-hardening resins. This processing method produces a long-lasting resistant surface and allows to create the desired grain and finishes.

Tables, bookcases, chairs, TV cabinets and walk-in closets are designed to meet the functional needs of daily life. Designers constantly study new securing methods and mechanisms to create prototypes, which are tested, perfected and applied to the final products. Even finishes are carefully researched. The team studies unusual trendy colour schemes, matching colours to the textures of innovative materials, such as cork, linen and jute. Every finish can be applied to any item in the collection in order to merge each accessory into any context harmoniously and consistently with the overall furnishings.

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