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Turnkey renovations

Spreafico offers turnkey renovations that allow you to focus entirely on your desires and needs, relying on us to take care of the rest.

By analysing the initial requests, we develop and implement all aspects of a project, covering technical, administrative and legislative issues.

A designated contact person will manage your requests and perform the related duties.

After an initial survey, our architects will define a project that is consistent with your needs. From that point onwards, all the work will be carried out by a selected team of efficient and reliable staff members.

From designing interiors to completing installations and choosing finishes and materials, Spreafico will accompany you along the entire renovation path, converging highly skilled workers to ensure that you have your dream house without waste of time or money.

Project design assistance for architects

Spreafico offers support for professionals, cooperating with architects and designers in projects for residential units and offices.

Keeping up to pace with the latest innovations, materials and finishes, we can offer our design know-how and implement bespoke solutions to meet customer requirements, even for the most demanding requests.

Throughout the project, we provide dedicated personnel who will assist you with all procedures and problems that might develop.

Our qualified workers guarantee industry standard work with extreme care for every detail. Our services also extend to after-sales assistance and maintenance for all products.